The company was established in July of the Republic of China in July of the Republic of China. It was renamed as Guangyun Machinery Engineering Co. Ltd. in March of the Republic of China. With many years of planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service for the development of factory automation, the company In October 101, in the field of aquaculture, with the advantages of solar energy products of Taiji Energy, the company developed innovative green intelligent automatic circulating water aquaculture plants. The factory can be attributed to high-capacity, all-round water quality and automatic monitoring and control of machine parts, remote material connection, and low-level wastewater discharge. Under the standardized production mode, we have matured a variety of marine fish cultures, and in March of the Republic of China, we have added a production and marketing resume evaluation system to groupers to provide corporate social responsibility for the provision of food-grade aquatic products.